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Personalised bike fitting by professionals

Hardie Bikes are excited at the opportunity of being able to offer our new Dynamic Bike Fit Service, developed by Trek Bikes. As a Trek Fit certified dealer we can help you get the most enjoyment from riding your bike by giving you the best fit available. Pro racer or beginner, no-one should be uncomfortable on a bike. A detailed fit session will make you more comfortable, efficient and have you riding for longer.

MAXIMISE YOUR COMFORT Personalised bike fitting by professionals

Traditional methods fit the rider to a preconceived ideal of what the bike should look like. This is wrong. We want to make the bike fit the rider, not the rider fit the bike. Our fit service takes into consideration variables of anatomy, flexibility, range of motion and riding style.

The process
• Customer Interview
• Assessment of range of motion
• Cleat alignment
• On bike adjustment
• Review of fit

Trek's bike fit ethos is based on fitting the bike to you, rather than trying to adapt your body shape, size or condition to the bike. What that actually means is as you become more comfortable in your new position, or as your riding ambitions develop, you can begin to adapt your fit for, say, a more aggressive ride.

Before any physical fitting takes place we conduct an initial in-depth rider interview. This covers specifics such as:
• Riding background – recreational/serious recreational/racer
• Years riding
• Miles per week
• Average ride distance
• Speed
• Cadence
• and riding style
• What you want to get out of the fit
• Riding ambitions
• Current physical activities
• Any current on-the-bike problems, injuries and special notes.

This is then followed by:

Standing observations where we look at, and measure:
• Hips - pelvis level or rotated
• Shoulders - width, same height, drawn forward
• Arms
• Feet - arch height, ankle height and neutral stance position
• In-seam, from which the saddle height and ideal frame size are determined

Flexibility tests conducted on our physio bench.
Flexibility is a key consideration in Trek's bike fit programme, with particular attention paid to the hamstrings and hip flexion. Measurements are made and correlated with a traffic light system offering a graphic representation of client flexibility.

Bike measurements
Your bike is mounted onto the turbo trainer where we conduct a number of bike measurements to determine the clients current set-up before any changes are made. This gives us a baseline reference to gauge what changes, and to what extent they have been made once the fit is complete.

Bike Fit
With the preliminaries complete, we are able to concentrate on the clients fit to their current bike setup where we asses riding style, identify wayward movement that may need correcting and determine suitability of bar width, stem height, length & angle, saddle height & saddle position. Saddle height is corrected, correct cleat positioning is determined and corrected where necessary, which in turn allows saddle setback to be set. Where necessary, we can add shims to the cleats which compensate for any discrepancies in leg length.

With the dynamics of the body in relation to the bike being so closely related, one small adjustment can have a knock on effect to all other adjustments. As such, this is an experimental process, born out of the facts and figures derived from the interview and assessment, but adjusted according to how the body reacts to changes in position.

Upon completion of the fit, we complete the post fit analysis, noting all changes to bike set-up, summerise the fitting, compile a future plan and make recommendations such as changes to bar width, stem length and angle and saddle type. These are emailed to the client for reference so that they can be applied to other bikes.

We offer a follow up fit service as part of the overall package to determine whether any problems develop from the new position and to make further changes to the set-up where required. Notification of this appointment is sent via email.

Duration - 2 hrs plus follow-up fit [30mins ]
Cost £150.00

To arrange a suitable appointment or to discuss any aspects of the Dynamic Bike Fit, please contact us on T: 01383 889088 or E:

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